Advantages Of High Density Closed Cell Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is used to provide thermal insulation and residential. Spray foam insulation is applied using various spraying methods. Spray foam insulation is easy to apply. Is sprayed onto or into the bottom of the roof in the attic / loft, and dry rigid foam.

High density closed cell spray foam has many advantages over other types of traditional insulation. A higher value (thermal resistance, indicating the resistance to heat flow) than most standard insulation products. High density closed cell foam allows very little penetration of air and water vapor therefore not attract mold or other fungi. For construction projects is best to use a professional installer with the proper training and special tools to the mix.

Measurement and spraying to ensure you get the best density for your project. High density closed cell foam is an excellent barrier to air and water, heating and cooling keeping the inside and moisture. If you are working towards going green product offering energy efficiency without chemicals that deplete the ozone. Using this type of insulation also protects against thermal bridges. Thermal bridging occurs when the materials are poor insulators allow heating or cooling to escape. A good example of materials that act as a thermal bridge is wood or metal used for the development of construction projects. High density foam is used to isolate and act as a barrier against thermal bridges.

foam insulationThe thickness of the insulator increases thermal resistance. The unique spray application enables the insulator to be sprayed directly on the surfaces which can perform thermal bridges. The spray application can also be layered and expands as it is applied for no gaps reduce the effectiveness of insulation, insulation unlike traditional fiberglass. There are many uses and various forms of high density closed cell foam, polystyrene cups, closed-cell foam sheets and SPF (spray polyurethane foam). High density foam closed cell is not only used in the isolation and projects covers residential and commercial construction, but also for insulating pipes, tanks, freezers and flotation equipment of ships, boats and docks.

This product is so strong and durable that is used to increase the structural strength of the aircraft wings. A very efficient insulation product, although the cost may be greater than the cooperation will cost and with lower heating and cooling. Be sure and do your homework before deciding which insulation products to use for your project. Always check the R value, the higher the R value to more effective insulation. When you compare the cost do not forget to check with your accountant or the Internal Revenue Service of tax credits that may be available to you.


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