Attic Ventilation And Your Home

Proper attic ventilation is one of the most important, yet least understood systems in a house. On a regular basis, we inspect homes with venting problems that range from mild (not yet causing a problem)… all the way to severe (deterioration of the rafters and roof decking).

Attic ventilation is almost always passive in nature, as it relies on convective air flow, where cooler air is drawn into soffit vents along the eaves and rises through the attic and passes out the roof vents on top. Both soffit and roof vents can easily become blocked, and should be inspected on a regular basis.

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Proper Roof Ventilation

The recommended minimum attic ventilation rate is one square foot of roof ventilation (one typical roof vent provides approximately one square foot of ventilation) for every 150-200 square feet of attic space… remember, as far as attic venting is concerned more is almost always better!

Improper attic ventilation can lead to higher energy consumption, as an air-conditioner will have to work harder to maintain a constant indoor temperature on the upper floors.

Improper attic ventilation and the resulting higher temperatures in the attic space can lead to accelerated shingle deterioration. We have personally measured temperatures as high as 155? F in a poorly vented attic!

In cold weather, proper ventilation helps prevent moisture from condensing on the insulation, structural members, shingles, or on the roof. This will minimize chances for mold growth and will help prolong the life of these components.

Proper ventilation, combined with proper attic insulation, are the keys to reducing the chances of ice-dams forming along the lower roof edge in the winter time. For more information about residential foam insulation and attic insulation contact the Spray Foam Pros today.

Why Homes Need Attic Ventilation

Benefits to Improving Your Home Insulation

How did you fare this summer? If you?re one of the 45 million homes within the U.S. that lacks the proper levels of insulation, then chances are high that you probably didn?t fare all that well.

Improving your home?s insulation, now rather than later, will make a huge difference in your comfort as well as in your pocketbook during the fast approaching winter season.

If you found yourself constantly complaining about the humidity within your home, or you broke out into a sweat each time you went face to face with yet another energy bill, then you should consider improving your home insulation.

Thinking of Improving Your Home Insulation?

Here are just a few of the benefits you?ll reap when you do:

#1 ? Environmental Benefits

If you would like to create an energy-efficient or environmentally friendly home, it will require a long list of things that need to be done, and while some are quite simple, others take a varied skill set to properly accomplish.

Boston spray foam insulationOne of the simpler ways to make your dreams of going green a reality is simply to increase the level of insulation within your home. A well-insulated home provides many benefits that help the environment and you including:

?Reduced pollution levels
?Energy cost savings
?Increased comfort
?Increased sound control
?Reduced heat loss

#2 ? Think ?Found? Money

The average U.S. family spends approximately $1,900 a year on home utility bills. That amounts to roughly $158 per month! The largest portion, 54 percent in fact, of this expense is caused by your heating and cooling system alone.

Adding the proper amount of insulation ? insulation that has been professionally installed ? affords you the opportunity to save as much as 20 percent on those dreaded monthly energy bills. {Source:}
In addition, it reduces the cost of heating and cooling by over 40 percent, thus making it among one of the more popular home improvement projects. And, with many available incentives out there, insulation can pay for itself in no time at all.

#3 ? Increased Comfort Year Round

Improving your home?s insulation is a great way to increase your comfort in more ways than one. Adding insulation to those areas lacking will regulate your home?s temperature, and reduce noise pollution, thus allowing you and your family to remain comfortable year round.

Since civilization began, men and women have recognized the need for materials that would insulate them from the chill of a cold winter?s night, and the scorching heat of a hot summer?s day.

In the history books, you?ll see many humans wearing wool and skins made from animals, as these materials provided them with ample insulation. In medieval times, buildings were made with straw and mud plaster, but these materials failed at protecting its occupants from the elements.

Over the years, as civilization evolved, a process to make fiberglass insulation was finally found in 1932. Over the next decade this material, which is still in use today.

As new insulation methods evolve, spray foam insulation solutions have become the best choice for new construction and renovations. Spray foam insulation has a wide number of insulation benefits that have lead to its popularity.

Learn more about installing spray foam insulation in?your home.

Spray Foam Insulation in a Basement

5 Reasons to get your home insulated

Insulating your home is important for several reasons and in this article we will take a look at the top 5 reasons for properly insulating your home.

1) It increases the value of your home – One of the best investments you can make for your home is spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is more efficient than other types of insulation and makes it easier to maintain your home?s temperature. The amount of money you?ll save on heating and air conditioning will outweigh the cost of getting spray foam insulation done for your home.

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Comfortable Insulated Home

2) Comfort – Your house will be more comfortable. Windows and doors that are drafty make your home heated unevenly. This causes some parts of your home to be cold and others to be too hot. How great would it be to have your bed underneath your window?

3) Immediacy – Getting spray foam insulation done for your home can be done in less than a day and you?ll notice the difference right away. You don’t need to wait for the results.

4) Quieter – Sealing your home not only keeps hot air in and cold air out, it also reduces outside noise. Foam insulation is an excellent sound? reduction material and is used in many commercial buildings as a sound barrier.

5) Better air quality – Say goodbye to mold and pollen. If you have allergies, you?ll be happy to have spray foam insulation in your home. Spray foam works as a vapor barrier, keeping the humid outside air from penetrating your walls? and becoming the perfect habitat for mold spores to grow.

As you can see spray foam insulation offers some real solid benefits that go beyond cost savings. Spray foam clients are thrilled with the overall benefits and their only regret is not doing it sooner. ?Learn more about the benefits of spray foam insulation.

4 Tips For Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

The push for greener homes and reducing the harmful emissions created through inefficient energy practices has become a hot topic. Wind and solar energy has been at the forefront of many of these discussion but there are some simpler things you can do to reduce your energy consumption before you invest in generating more power. The following tips will be helpful for property owners in the construction phase as well as those with existing homes and buildings.

Insulation – Insulation is one of the key things we should focus on when we are looking to make our properties more energy efficient. The main purpose of insulation is to keep the inside air (whether it is cool air or warm air) inside and the outside air outside. Many homes that were built before 1980 are not fully insulated which means that they are losing a lot of heat through the walls. Spray foam insulation can easily be installed during construction but with new technologies, it can also be injected into the walls of existing homes. Open attics and crawlspaces are another great place to apply foam insulation because of its sealing qualities which keep the moisture out.

Spray Foam Project ideas For Your Home

We know that spray foam has an R-value of 6.5 in 1 inch of cured foam. That is among the highest rated insulation products on the market today. Fiberglass batt has an R-value of 3.14 and blown fiberglass has an R-value of 3.2 for walls and 2.2 for the attic. Fiberglass insulation is the most common insulation in homes today. So as you can see spray foam insulation is nearly twice as good for keeping the outside air out and the inside air in.

When we think about foam insulation for our homes we typically think walls and ceiling but there are? more applications that will help your home. The insulating qualities are only one feature. Consider these important benefits and features of foam insulation:

  • sound proofing
  • sound deadening
  • moisture resistance
  • sealing cracks
  • insect and rodent resistant
  • mold resistant

R value chartLet’s take a look at some of the possible applications for spray foam insulation in your home. Commonly sprayed into the walls and attic, spray foam is also beneficial for rim joists. By spraying into the rim joists of your home, the interior cavities are better protected from the outside air and critter invasions.

Crawl spaces are a great place for installing polyurethane foam. The insulation blocks drafts and keeps the insects out. It also serves as a great moisture barrier and helps to better manage mold problems that are common in the Boston area.

Some older homes have water pipes on the outside of the building and when the temperatures drop they are at risk of freezing. Think about the benefits of insulating these outdoor pipes with spray foam. The benefits from costly pipe repairs and the gained peace of mind every time the temperatures drop make this a great investment.

In new construction homes and renovation projects there is often a need to fill in the voids, seal up air pockets, smooth out any uneven cavities, insulate your HVAC unit and add to the structural integrity of the home. All of these are benefits of spray foam insulation and applications that will make your home more enjoyable while reducing your utility bills each month.

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