Energy Proofing Your Home

Owning a home, whether it is a modest one or a mini-mansion, has long been a cornerstone of the American Dream. In fact, according to a poll which was recently conducted by several prominent research companies, 61% of residents still believe that this dream will provide them with both stability and security.

How that house functions, however, constantly changes and evolves in order to accommodate the needs of its residents. Today, prospective buyers and homeowners aren?t looking for housing with all the latest and greatest gadgets, but rather those homes that are energy efficient.

installing spray foam insulationA major reason for this shift is that nobody likes to get hit with a $350 electric bill. As a matter of fact, the US Department of Energy reports that 44% of these costs are associated with heating and cooling while another 33% is associated with lighting and appliance use.

By energy proofing your home you’ll convert to a more economical home, it’s really that simple. Today renters are even more aware of the importance of having an energy efficient home. Electrical companies are working with residents to combat the increasing cost of high electric bills, by providing them with tax incentives, rebates and energy efficient appliances.

Something as simple as ensuring a home is provided with the correct amount of insulation, along with a high R-Value, can make all of the difference in the world when you consider just how good a job a home does at keeping you toasty in the winter and cool in the summer.

Saving energy is both cost effective, and environmentally friendly, so what better way to reduce your monthly and annual energy costs than installing spray foam insulation, sealing air ducts and all air leaks, install the proper size air conditioning, use energy star rated appliances and more?

Energy Proofing Your Home Tips

  • Consider unplugging, or using a power strip, when not in use. I personally make it a habit before I leave for work to walk around my home and unplug all chargers and small appliances including my microwave.
  • Don?t leave lights on ? even if it means walking behind your spouse and kids to ensure that they?re off. Today technology provides us with wireless solutions and home automation to control lighting and heating and cooling remotely.

Learn more about properly insulating your home and the annual savings you can expect each year with a properly insulated home.

Best Energy Efficient Features?Start With Good Insulation


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